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As a publishing specialist, I believe that every publication must attract its reader in order to truly inform.

 Editorial services

  • Editing

    • substantive, copy and style (North American)

    • subject areas and types of texts include economics, politics, HIV/AIDS, gender issues, ICT, historical, arts, technical, legal (contracts, statutes), advertisements, feature articles, surveys, software and hardware manuals

  • Writing

    articles, interviews, creative (prose and poetry), travelogs, transportation, technical and other reports, advertising copy, PR materials, proposals, TV scripts, mini-documentaries

  • Research

    economics, politics, industries, HIV/AIDS, gender issues, ICT, public opinion, history, arts, technical

  • Translation

    • Ukrainian-English-Ukrainian, French-English

    • all kinds of texts from formal reports and technical manuals to feature articles and legal documents

 Publishing services

  • Concept development

    Based on client materials, we develop a concept that uniquely suits the materials and the target audience and that presents your information in the most appealing form.

  • Design and layout

    Your concept will be designed to bring together the ideas and the objectives that underlie your publication into an effective whole . You will be able to see it on screen in order to ensure that what we design is what you want.

  • Typesetting

    Using QuarkXpress, we put together your publication in an efficient, professional manner.

  • Prepress

    Whatever the artwork involved, we take care of preparing it with the latest professional software (Photoshop, Illustrator) your publication for color separation and film.

  • Printer liaison

    We hand-hold your publication through the printing process. With high-quality color work, this can sometimes be the most critical part of the process, what will guarantee that you really will get the beautiful document you expected.

Other services

Political and other briefings, on-the-spot comment and analysis, current events updates, lectures, radio presentations, roundtables, group presentations, training seminars and dynamic workshops.

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  L. A. Wolanskyj

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