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  • MFA in Creative Writing (1984), University of British Columbia, Vancouver

  • BA in English McGill University, Montreal

  • DCS in Education, McGill University, Montreal

American Chamber of Commerce, Kyiv 

Vice President, 1995, 1996; Secretary, 1999

Canada Business Club, Kyiv 

Member, 1996-2005

European Business Association, Kyiv

Member, 1999-2003

Writers' Union, Chicago Chapter

Member of Board, 1992-93

BC Federation of Writers, Vancouver

Vice Chair, 1985-86

Pacific Aikido Kensankai Association, Vancouver 

Founder and President, 1983-86

Aikido Kensankai Association, Montreal 

Co-Founder and Vice President, 1976-78

20 years' experience as a professional editor, writer and translator. 

10 years as editor-in-chief of Eastern Economist, an English-language weekly in Ukraine, Dining  out in Kyiv (3 editions), and other publications under the Matlid Publications brand.

Over 10 prizes and honors for poetry and fiction in Canada, the US and UK. Poems and fiction have appeared in The Antigonish Review, Arc, The English Quarterly, Green's Magazine, Pierian Spring, Poetry Canada Review, Potlatch, Quarry, Room of One's Own, Ukrainian News, and Zest.

Fluent speaker of English, Ukrainian and French. 

Working knowledge of Russian and German. 

Passive knowledge of Japanese and Spanish.

  L. A. Wolanskyj

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