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You open my mouth like an envelope
Looking to find a message
Instead, the scent of death
rises up to meet you.
So you suck deeply,
breathing in that foul water
filled with endless longings
and still births,
spit it out carefully
not to spread the noxious fluids.
Again, you open my mouth,
place yours against it
and suck deeply,
breathing in more foul water
filled with grey days
and lonely nights,
spit it out again
turning your head away from my cold lips.
A third time, you open my mouth,
not looking for messages,
no longer noticing odors,
just sucking deeply,
breathing in the petty doubts
and pointless fears,
feeling my lips come to life.
There is nothing left to spit out.

March 2014

Published on 28/03/2014


  L. A. Wolanskyj

 Development: BionicStudio

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