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Poetry > A Geography of the Heart

Grim Fairytales

In a kingdom
not so far away

There is a brown-haired girl
whose locks are dyed golden
since the age of six
to match her bleached-blonde mother.

There is a twelve-year-old
whose soft pubescent skin
is caked with strident make-up
to match the fantasies of fathers.

There is a blue-eyed child
whose hollow face & hungry arms
eat a feast of blows
on the stony altar of a parents loss.

There is a boy whose room,
open to the invasions of strangers,
grows smaller and smaller;
when his voice in its nest of fears
disappears, will he live
happily ever after, too?

And the girl who seeks one face
in every man she knows,
who tries & tries to please
the deaf god who fathered her
she finds her someday prince...

Published on 30/07/2010


  L. A. Wolanskyj

 Development: BionicStudio

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