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The Boston Pizza Incident, or: The 1.8-Kid Family

Tonight Mother brought home a Boston Pizza,
because Nona likes them.

Nona reacts I dont like Boston Pizza!
Lana asides She wants an excuse not to eat.
Mother frowns That is a very impromptu dislike.
Lana asides Very. Shes just not hungry.
Mother frets I bought it there just for you.
Nona, in the next room, plays loudly.
Mother frets some more. Sets the table.
The rest plunge knives into the pizza.
Mother placates Ill clean the red stuff off the pizza.
Nona sneers I dont like that pizza. Take it away.
Mother pleads Do you want a grilled cheese sandwich?
Nona condescends. Combs out Barbies hair.
Mother hovers over stove. Makes sandwich.
Nona sulks into the kitchen. Sits on Lanas chair.
Lana returns from bathroom. Attempts to sit at her place.
Nona contemns Go aWAY, Lana. Ugh!
Lana shrugs & stays. Takes up fork & stabs the pizza again.
Nona shoves Ugh! GO aWAY, Lana!
Lana looks up. Leaves for a friendlier lap.
Nona cranks. Mother proffers Heres your sandwich.
Nona shrieks I dont WANT a grilled cheese sandwich!
Mother longsuffers Well, at least I tried.
Nona grimaces.
Lana smirks.
TV whirrs.

The pizza would rather be in India.

@L.A. Wolanskyj

Published on 01/07/2010


  L. A. Wolanskyj

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